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Another Epic Fail for Harlie (as a writer)

I know I don't update the blog on a timely basis, okay not at all but I have my reasons.  I'll try to list them for you so you will understand why this blog is going on hiatus for awhile.

1.  I write, I promise but it seems to me that I can't even get a a "oh boy, that was pretty good" from anyone.  Not even when I blog.  *sigh*

2.  I will admit somewhat defeat at this point in my aspiring writer career.

3.  I have crit partners and they are great but with my life right now, its hard to post.  *Fail on my part, not their's*

4.  I've been asked for stuff but then I never hear back from them. 

5.  I bought, yes bought a professional critique from a well know agent through the Brenda Novak Auction this year.  Sent it to her and I've never heard anything back.  I was supposed to have a week turnaround.  Its been almost 4 weeks now.  And yes, I've emailed her again.

6.  I'm getting the sense that God is telling me that I suck at writing and should just review.

7.  I would really like to have just one crit partner or at least someone to guide me but it seems like people either have partners or just want the whole group thing.  I feel as if I need the one on one interaction at this point in my burgeoning career.  *sigh*

8.  I will still write but only for myself right now.  I have a couple of WIP's that I love and I will finish them but they will probably never see the light of day.

9.  This is not a Debbie Downer post but a reality check for Harlie.  And its a dosey.

10.  Shoot, I can't even get a "that sux" from anyone either.  *double sigh* 

11.  Enough of the least I know that I can promote other authors and be a virtual assistant.  I'll take that. 

Oh to figure out what the hell I'm supposed to do now. 

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