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The Rewired Series: The Recruiter

by Alexander Mukte


GENRE: Mystery/Thriller Sci-fi


BLURB:  The Rewired Series


Series Blurb:

This is a fantastic, genre-bending series that weaves together the best mystery, visionary, and speculative fiction elements. With characters that span across books and time, The Rewired Series explores what plagues humanity and the impact each person can have while leaving you with the promise of a better tomorrow. Alexander Mukte wraps all of these themes inside edge-of-your-seat, engaging mysteries with larger-than-life characters you’ll want to revisit again and again.

Blurb:  The Recruiter

A fast-paced and thought-provoking mystery that will keep you on your toes until the very end. The Recruiter is an entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable start to the series, full of intriguing twists and turns.

Leslie may be an idealist, but she's no fool. She trusts her boss, Ori, implicitly. He has vision, principles, and a way with people. When a bomb is detonated at work, she finds herself caught up in a whirlwind of events. All of a sudden, their lives are on the line, and every choice matters.

Is Ori who she thinks he is? Why would anyone want to hurt him? And how do they get out of this mess? Leslie doesn't have it all figured out, but what becomes clear is that there's a lot the world doesn't know about Ori Clayborn.

Jessica is driven to make a difference by uncovering the truth. Investigative reporting is her life. One day she gets a unique assignment that leads her back to her hometown and into Ori's orbit. What will she find, and what's her role in this?

The Recruiter is a captivating, imaginative story that draws you in deeper and deeper, page-by-page. Alexander Mukte creates a universe that pulls you in and doesn't let you go.


Blurb - Deeply Rooted Dreams:

This bold and compelling sequel is an evocative page-turner on the journey to a better future.

Since her encounter with Ori years ago, Jessica, an investigative journalist, has continued her mission to print the truth that the world needs to hear. Her pursuit has led her to meet with a source, Zach Carver, a leading mind at Singularity Group. The meeting goes awry, and Jessica awakens to find that she has a gap in time and memory and that Zach is now missing. 

What happened? Who is responsible? And how can she help Zach? It is imperative that Jessica find out, and to her surprise, Ori has reappeared to help her do just that.

Malik, an intelligent and inventive young man, is determined to find a way to overcome the virus that has impacted the world. When he crosses paths with powerful people at Confidence Biotech, the leading treatment and contact tracing company, they take an unusual interest in him. Then, all of a sudden, they paint Malik as public enemy number one, forcing him to go on the run. 

What do they want from him, and does this mean that he is close to discovering something they couldn't? 


Deeply Rooted Dreams is the second installment of The Rewired Series, unveiling more of the universal trial that Ori alluded to in The Recruiter. Alexander Mukte's second novel creates an even more intricate world, striking an engaging balance of mystery and wonder.



Excerpt:  from Deeply Rooted Dreams – Book 2

Zach stood at the end of the bar and glanced down at his watch. His contact was late. Just as he took his first step back toward the stairs, he heard a voice from behind the bar. 

“Leaving so soon?” 

Zach turned around to find a cleanly shaven man wearing a nice dress shirt and a blazer. 

“It looks like it,” Zach said warily. “I was waiting for someone, but he is late.” 

“Better late than never, don’t you think, Zach?” the man asked. 


The man gave a single patient nod and made the type of calm, direct eye contact that led Zach to believe him. 

Zach checked his immediate surroundings and then reached under his shirt and pulled out a small waist pack. “As agreed, there are a hundred SIM cards in here, all programmed to be untraceable.” 

Carlos opened the pack and examined its contents. 

Zach pulled out a cell phone. “We can test a chip if you’d like.” 

“We trust you, Zach,” Carlos said before handing him a thick manila envelope. “And we appreciate it.” 

Zach stared at the envelope. 

“Do you want to take a quick look?” Carlos asked. “All the information you requested is inside.” 

Movement in the periphery pulled Zach’s attention to the dance floor. The group of local men was now standing around the edge of the floor. The men were squared up, ready for action. Simultaneously, the drunken outsiders remained oblivious to their offenses and the inevitable consequences. 

“Now would be the time, Zach.” Carlos’s voice brought him back to the moment. 

Zach opened the envelope and pressed the thick stack of papers against the edge. He could see a small bag of memory chips at the bottom. He read a few lines of the document. He nodded his head. 

“Does this meet your expectations?” Carlos asked. 

“You know, I don’t typically do things like this,” Zach said, looking back up. 

“That’s great to hear.” Carlos smiled. “And who’s to say that you did this at all?” Carlos paused. “You are playing a perilous game here though.” 

Zach’s brows knitted together in an earnest expression. “I’m not playing a game. I’m doing what’s right.” 

The two men stood in silence until the sound of a bottle crashing on the floor broke the moment. “I appreciate this,” Zach said as he patted the envelope. 

Carlos leaned forward. “So that you may rest easy, this is not a game for us either. The right thing in this situation is where our interests lie as well.” 

Zach gave a nod of understanding.

“It’s time for you to go,” Carlos said.




Why you became a writer/your journey to publication

I began writing my debut novel, The Recruiter, after the birth of my first son, imagining what I’d like for him to see in the world. I wanted to provide him with something that I felt I had lacked growing up, which was more stories centered on positive, successful people of color. This led to a story featuring a Black business leader doing good through empowering small businesses, promoting financial freedom, and countering issues like mass incarceration. I focused on building onto that in ways that made the novel an accessible, fast-paced mystery that would stretch the imagination and hopefully stretch readers’ perception of what’s possible.

I had never written anything longer than a five-page paper before, but I felt compelled to write this story. I was working my full-time corporate job and ensuring I continued to be a very present husband and father, but I began to set aside every distraction to make room for this. For a little over two years, I spent every free moment I had, writing away at my manuscript.  After putting about fifty thousand words on paper, I had given it to my wife to read, and she agreed that there was a story there. It needed a lot of work, but she saw the potential. I was putting all of my extra energy into writing the first novel, and I loved every moment of it. So, my wife and I made plans for me to leave my corporate job and pursue this full-time. It was a leap of faith, and it was challenging. To overcome those challenges, I needed to grow in ways that made me a better person. I started reading, exercising, and meditating more. I’ve always had an active imagination. It felt amazing to embrace it and live in the imaginary worlds that I saw. 

My journey to publication would not be accurate if I didn’t mention the amount of time I spent researching.  I read everything I could find online about the pros and cons of self-publishing versus traditional publishing. Given my business background, I figured that it would be a good challenge to go at it independently. I was pleasantly surprised with how much information is out there to help people write and publish books. I found a wealth of resources on how to publish a book, how to format your documents for print, where to find editing services, the list goes on. After we published The Recruiter, I created a Lessons Learned document of all the best practices I had discovered across the entire process. That document became so beneficial during the writing and publication of the second novel in The Rewired Series, Deeply Rooted Dreams

I was very scared when I first started out on this journey to become an author, but thanks to the internet and all the people who were generous enough to post what they’ve learned, I was able to gain a lot of knowledge, which led to an increase in confidence. It’s been an incredibly challenging journey, but I wouldn’t change a thing.



AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Alexander had an active imagination his whole life, but it wasn’t until the birth of his son that he began putting the stories in his mind on paper. He wanted to be an example of someone pursuing his passion, dreaming big, and taking chances. 

Alexander loves people, their stories, and their backgrounds as well as what shapes them, how they think, and what they dream about. He has a passion for learning and is known by most as an intensely curious person who eagerly soaks up anything and everything he can. He dreamt of a career that allowed him to learn new things every day. In writing, he has found a life that allows him to do just that. 

After graduating with a degree in business, Alexander volunteered in the U.S. Peace Corps where he aided in creating sustainable small business ventures in Central America. Before taking this leap of faith, Alexander did Business Development and Consulting for large domestic and international companies. These experiences weave themselves into the characters, places and stories he creates.

An avid traveler, Alexander enjoys exploring new places with his family. He was raised in Southeastern Arizona, and now calls Georgia home, along with his wife and two sons.  

The Recruiter is Alexander’s first novel, though perhaps the 39th in his mind. We hope you enjoy it, and Deeply Rooted Dreams, as much as we have.

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