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Book Spotlight for Free to Trust by C.W. Nightly w/a rafflecopter giveaway!

Genre: Erotic Romance
Some pain is felt on the surface others are felt on the soul. Kate knows the sting of deception all too well. Though she bears no physical scars-her ability to trust has been shattered. When her work has her spending time with New York's most notorious bachelor she finds herself fighting her attraction- that is until he stops fighting fair. But Cole's high flying lifestyle has made him some powerful enemies. Enemies that want to extract revenge on the irreverent playboy where it hurts the most. Will Kate find the pleasure that eluded her until now only to have it ripped away? Or will she face her past and allow herself the chance to be Free To Trust?

“Cole! We can’t just do this here,” she complained.

He scooped her into his arms and carried her over to the curved wall below the staircase and set her back on her feet. Grabbing her wrists that still clung to the lapels of her robe, he raised them above her head. With the belt from her robe, he quickly bound her wrists to the railing and stepped back. Her robe hung open, framing her body for him as she squirmed against the silk binding her wrists.

“Shh, Angel. If you want me to stop all you have to do is say so, and I will, but believe me, it will be your loss.” She stopped fighting.

His finger traced her skin, following the line of the robe from her collarbone, tracing her curves. “There is only one rule to sex after consenting adults, Angel. It should be good.” The rest is open for constant renegotiation. The where, when, and how is up to us. Here and now sounds good to me.” Finger-combing her hair first, he then fisted his hand at her nape, tilting her mouth up to meet his and searching her eyes before running the tip of his tongue over her lips. “What do you say, Angel. Do you want to argue?” he whispered.

“No,” she breathed. Emphatically shaking her head, she stretched herself upwards towards his lips that he held just out of reach.His hands burrowed inside the thin garment seizing her rounded ass and licking the sensitive spot at the base of her throat. Rewarded by her guttural moan he redoubled his efforts, licking a trail down to her straining nipples and savoring each one in turn.Buy Links:   Amazon US  Amazon UK    Amazon CA     Amazon AU
~About the Author~Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Canada I still call Montreal home. Surrounded by my husband, five children and my Siamese cat. I love reading, the smell of spring rain and walking in the first snowfalls of December when the snow is crunchy, especially at night.

I enjoy curling up with a book and losing myself in the characters. I turned that love towards writing to create stories I hope you love too.I believe everyone is entitled to their own personal happily ever after :)

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