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Announcement with Good News

Coach Taylor!

Coach Taylor is smiling at me and he should be.  My pitch was AWESOME and Samhain has asked for the full.  *thud*  I know what you are thinking.  Is it done?  Most of it is including the synopsis.  I know, right?  But of course, now I need to finish it and get it out to my CP and a beta reader or two.  There is no time limit but I need this done and sent.   I'm also entering the Blaze writing contest and that needs to be polished, too.

Anyway, here is a very unedited excerpt from the story that I was asked for.  :)

Waiting on Sunday Excerpt:

Please forgive NOT EDITED

“Forrest, I’m sorry,” said Donna.  “I’ll help you clean it up.”

“No worries.  What are you doing here?”

Walking past Forrest, Donna walked into the kitchen and looked around for a mop, towel or anything to clean up the mess.  Not finding what she needed, she turned around and ran into a wall of hard man and literally bounced back on her heels.  He couldn’t take his eyes off of her.  Donna definitely grew into a woman.  She still had her auburn hair but it was cut short and flirty.  Big hazel eyes still mesmerized him and she was has headstrong as she was growing up.  Without a second to think, he grabbed her left wrist and pulled her back to his chest.  Her body molded into his and for a brief second, he lost all sensibility and rational.  What he wouldn’t give to touch her all over and feel the curves that had transformed her from girl to woman.

“What are you doing here?” Forrest asked.

“Well, hello to you too Forrest and an ‘I’m so sorry about your Uncle Jack’ would have been nice.  Not the surly snarl I just got.  You can let me go now.”

“Again…why are you here?”

“I thought I would come help you this morning.”

“Seriously, you, help me?  This isn’t City Slickers, sweetheart.”

“Too bad, Forrest.  I need to do this and to see his patients.  If not with you, then I’ll go on my own.  So what will it be?  Alone or with me?”

Damn, she looked good and she still gave as good as she got.  Grudgingly, he let go of her wrist.  He mourned the loss.

“Fine but I’m driving.”


After cleaning up the spilled coffee and broken coffee cup, they headed to Forrest’s truck.

My, my did Donna fill out a pair of jeans.  Watching her walk out the house and towards his truck, all he could think about was her butt in those jeans.  Donna was curvy, but had the tiniest waist.  Those jeans of hers cupped her backside like kid gloves and slung low on her hips.  Forrest loved a woman in a well-worn pair of jeans, and Donna’s were faded at the knees, and was that a rip on one of the back pockets?  Was she wearing cowboy boots on her feet?  Donna turned around and leaned against the truck door, his mouth went dry.  Was that a bellybutton ring dangling from her navel?  Damn, Donna was not the same person that left fifteen years ago.  She intrigued him more and more.

“Hey, we’re burning daylight.  Hurry it up.”

“Why are you so hell-bent on doing this?”

“Because I need the closure, Forrest.  Can we just go now?”

“Why the rush?”

“Because when we are done, I have to go to the funeral home with my cousins.”

***head desk***

Oh yeah...I fainted!  LOL!

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