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Cover Reveal for Bass (Undercover Series #2) by Georgie Tyler



Georgie Tyler

Book 2, Undercover Series

Romantic suspense

Publishing Pan MacMillan

In a nightclub called HellFire, things are bound to get hot.

When a girl is gruesomely murdered after a night clubbing at
notorious nightspot HellFire, it hits too close to home for the club's
bewitching house DJ, Elizabeth Jones. Already shaken, she must make sure of her
priorities when the victim's sexy ex-boyfriend Kurt starts asking questions.

Kurt Roberts is convinced that someone at HellFire knows
something about the murder, and has embarked on a personal crusade to find
justice. But Kurt has entered a world not his own – a dangerous, savage world,
where drugs and money drive people to violence and extortion. The only beacon
of light? Elizabeth Jones, mesmerizing clubbers with her music and Kurt with
her looks.

Trusting men doesn't come easily to Elizabeth, and Kurt
isn't too ready to trust her either. The murder only makes them more hesitant,
but they can't help but be drawn to each other. For the first time in their
lives, neither can tell which of their instincts is right.

What secrets did Kurt's dead girlfriend keep from him? And
what doesn't Elizabeth know about the club she calls home? With their eyes
locked on each other, they may not see the danger until it's too late.

Perfect for fans of Kylie Scott, Shiloh Walker and C.J.

About the Author:

Romance is what I read.
Romance is what I write.   Romance
is what I love.

A mother of three busy children and an English teacher
wasn’t enough of a workload for me, a suburban housewife from Sydney,
Australia. I wanted more. I wanted to be an author. For many years I thought it
was pie in the sky dreaming until one day I sat my butt down and began to
write. Really write.

It’s been a steep learning curve at times but with the
support of my loving husband and children, family and friends along with the
readers who have joined me on this journey, I’m having way too much fun to ever

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