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The Romance Troupe Blog Hop-Day 5 PG-13-rated Excerpt and the final clue as to what contest this story is going to!

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Harlie is giving away a copy (in your choice of format) of The Couple.  Please leave a comment and email address to win.  All this week, I will be sharing snippets of two WIP's that I have going.  One is for my editor pitch at my chapter's writer's conference and the second one is for a contest.  Try to guess the contest and I will throw in a $5 GC.  So basically there are two contests for my blog.  :)  Good luck.

A little bit about the Romance Troupe.  Krystal Shannon thought it would be a great idea to form a group of writers, published and unpublished, to help each other, push each other and form a band of ladies that will take over the world.  Here's a list of the fabulous ladies that I'm with now:  Krystal Shannon, April London, Liberty Ann Ireland, Angela Rose, Susan D. Taylor, Lynn Myshe Joseph, Natalie Gibson, Lynda Kaye Frazier, Susan B. Anna, Jinni James, Kerry Adrenne, Dariel Raye and Suzan Tisdale.  At the bottom of the post is the link to visit the participating authors and their posts.  Happy reading!

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Good Enough for Him (working title) Excerpt PG-13:

Please forgive NOT EDITED

With a gleam in his eye, he took her hand and led her to his bedroom.  Once they reached the bedroom, Noah didn’t turn on a light, the small light from the bathroom was enough.  He turned around and looked at Kate and saw the self-doubt hanging there in the air.  He knew that she was self-conscience about her body and how she looked but to him, she was the most beautiful woman he has ever seen.  She had filled out in all the right places and could now finally appreciate it as a man, not a boy.

He would take his time with her, no matter the effect it had on him and his body.  She deserved to be worshipped and he planned on worshipping it all night long.  Kate looked at Noah and all of her self doubts came to surface.  As much as she wanted him, she was too wrapped up in her body image and what he would think about it.  One touch was all it took for her doubting to go away.  He slowly untucked her blouse and lifted it above her head and throws it on the chair by the window.  The task done, Noah reached out and with the lightest touch, slowly trailed his fingers from her neck to her waist.  Going back up over her stomach and then over her breast and stopped at the top of her bra.  He then outlined her bra with his fingertips and found her nipples.  He slowly, very slowly caressed them ever so lightly until they budded.

Noah could feel Kate fighting the sensation and failing.  He also heard the soft gasp and then moan coming from her throat and saw her open her eyes with the deepest desire he had ever seen in a woman.  He trailed his fingers from the bottom of her bra to her waist and slowly turned her around and unhooked her bra and let the straps fall off her shoulders and let it fall to the ground.  He turned her around and began the slowly torture again.  Kate arched back from the sensation and realized that his mouth needed to be there instead.  She took his head and brought it to her breasts and watched him smile.  With a flick of his tongue, she nearly came undone.  Noah was in no hurry with her and told her so.  He reached around her and unzipped her skirt and let that fall to her feet.  He helped her step out of it and her shoes.

What he didn’t realize was that Kate was wearing thigh high hose and skimpy bikini panties.  Again, Noah thought, why did she have any doubt about her body?  She was beautiful, curvy and a woman.  Noah traced his fingertips again down from her stomach to the top of panties and listened as Kate hitched her breath and let out a soft moan, almost a plea.  That sound was nearly his undoing.  He traced the outline of her panties and reached around and traced her butt.

Lord, what a butt it was, round and curvy.  Supple and soft, like a baby’s bottom.  Kate could feel the heat building in her and realized that Noah was still dressed.  Kate looked at Noah and started kissing him and at the same time untucked his shirt and pulled it over his head and threw it over to the chair with her blouse.  With the lightest touch, she began kissing him from the jaw and down his chest to his stomach.  Noah felt himself hitch and gasp for air with Kate’s kisses.  No one had ever done that to him and nearly made him come.  He realized that this was important to Kate and just let the sensations come to him.  She found his belt and unbuckled it.  Noah did her the favor and took his shoes off and toed his socks off.  As Kate slowly took his pants off, she bent to her knees and left feather soft kisses on his waist and worked her way down.

Did you like it?  Hate it?  What's the contest story and NO its not for a RWA sponsored contest.  :)  Come on Catherine!  You are sooooo close!  :)  I'm rooting for you!

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