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The Romance Troupe Blog Hop-Day 3

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Harlie is giving away a copy (in your choice of format) of The Couple.  Please leave a comment and email address to win.  All this week, I will be sharing snippets of two WIP's that I have going.  One is for my editor pitch at my chapter's writer's conference and the second one is for a contest.  Try to guess the contest and I will throw in a $5 GC.  So basically there are two contests for my blog.  :)  Good luck.

A little bit about the Romance Troupe.  Krystal Shannon thought it would be a great idea to form a group of writers, published and unpublished, to help each other, push each other and form a band of ladies that will take over the world.  Here's a list of the fabulous ladies that I'm with now:  Krystal Shannon, April London, Liberty Ann Ireland, Angela Rose, Susan D. Taylor, Lynn Myshe Joseph, Natalie Gibson, Lynda Kaye Frazier, Susan B. Anna, Jinni James, Kerry Adrenne, Dariel Raye and Suzan Tisdale.  At the bottom of the post is the link to visit the participating authors and their posts.  Happy reading!

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Good Enough for Him (working title) Excerpt:

Please forgive NOT EDITED

Finishing up watering her garden and drinking the last of her beer, Kate went inside to wash up.  Still staring at her on the bar was the dreaded invitation.  She opened it up and began to read:

Welcome Back Cougar Class of ‘98

Ready to step back in time?

Where were you 15 years ago?  Come back to the reunion and find out.

Date:     Saturday, September 24, 2013

Kate didn’t get any further on the invitation.  She froze and realized that it was only a month away.  What was she going to do?  As if Fate already had plans for her, the phone was ringing.


“Kate, are you going?  You know he’s going to be there.  What are you wearing?  Are you bringing anyone?  Of course not because he’s going to be there.”

“Whoa!  Slow down Beth.  Take a deep breath and stop talking for once.”

Kate knew this conversation was going to happen but she wished it were later, not sooner.  What was she going to say to her best friend since 7th grade?  You would think that as a grown woman she’d be able to handle going back to her reunion but for some reason, this reunion was hard.  She was still single with no man in sight.  Sigh…back to Beth and her ramblings.

“Kate?  Kate, are you there?”

“Yes and before you start again; yes, I’m going and no, I don’t care that Noah is going to be there.  By the way, he should since he was class president.”


“I’m not a liar.  Noah was a teenage crush, nothing more.”

“I still say that you are a liar.  Come on Kate fess up.  You’re still in love with him and always will be.”

“Whatever.  Can we please drop the subject?  I’ve had a really crappy day and I was just about to go to bed and read.”

“Okay, I’ll drop it for now but I still think you’re lying,” laughed Beth.

“Bye, Beth.”

“Later, Kate.”

Damn, I hated when she was right about Noah.  Beth and Noah have been friends since the cradle and I met both of them in the 7th grade.  Beth and I became best friends within five minutes of meeting each other and I fell in love with Noah the second day of school.  While the years dwindled by and I dated a few boys and he dated a few girls, my heart always belonged to Noah.


The next morning Kate was sipping her coffee and checking her emails, when an IM came in from Alex.  Good Lord!  Don’t people ever sleep anymore?  Clicking on it, she smiled.   Alec was a good friend.  One of the few friends that she kept up with after high school, kinda of hard not to, since their brothers were best friends.

@Baseball25 “Morning sunshine.  Going to the reunion?”

@Hockey25  “Don’t you sleep?”

@Baseball25  “LOL!  Well, are you?”

@Hockey25  “Not sure.  Why go thru the torture again?”

@Baseball25  “Come on.  People grow up.  It will be fun.”

@Hockey25  “Doubtful.”

@Baseball25  “Free beer and I know how you like free beer.”

@Hockey25  “Tempting but don’t know yet.”

@Baseball25  “Please?  I’m begging.”

@Hockey25  “I’ll think about it.  Must go.  Some people work for a living.”

@Baseball25  “Not funny.  Talk to you later, sunshine.”

Alex always knew how to make her laugh.  Even if it was at 5:30 in the morning.  Ugh!  Reunion this, reunion that.  I’m tired of hearing about it already and it’s still a month away.   Well, time to get ready for work.  Shutting down her laptop, Kate went to the kitchen and poured a second cup of coffee and headed towards the bathroom.


Across town, Noah had just come in from his morning run.  Picking up the invitation again, it singed his fingers.  As class president he had to go and he really wanted to go but what if she doesn’t show?  He planned this reunion down to the finest detail with her in mind.  Football game on Friday, picnic at the old hangout and dance at the same hotel that prom was held so long ago.  Damn!  How was he going to find out if she was even thinking about it or even got the invitation?  Wait, I know.  Beth…she knew everything and still kept in touch with her.  At least, he hoped she did.  Noah still kept in touch with Beth through email and IM.  Looking at the kitchen clock he realized that he was going to be late for work.  He would IM Beth later.  Thinking about Kate would prove harder to worry about later.

Did you like it?  Hate it?  What's the contest story and NO its not for a RWA sponsored contest.  :)

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