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Excited Student With A Composition Book

Stormie Kent tagged me on this meme.  I haven't really thought about these questions so it was a blast to answer.  Thanks Stormie!

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1. What am I working on?

Currently I have three things.  A YA/NA that could turn into a 3 book series about one particular couple has they go from high school, college to adulthood.  It is a sweet/sensual book series that anyone could read.  My heroine is snarky and a blogger.

A romantic suspense with paranormal elements.  Hero is based on Andrew Dice Clay (don't judge) with the 80's attitude.  And yes, he drives a Trans Am with t-tops.  Woot!

My last one is a bad boy short for an anthology.  Needs to be erotic in tone and I'm loving my characters.  Sexy can not describe this one.


2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Honestly, I don't know.  I don't compare my work to other authors.  Every author has their process when it comes to writing.

3. Why do I write what I do?

My one and only book is a 3 flame short.  Writing the sex scene was hard for me.  It didn't help that SpongeBob was on in the background while I wrote it.  LOL!  My YA/NA is based on my teenage years and what I envisioned for myself all those years ago.

The RS story is for my love of angels in a story.  Plus, when I started doing the characterization for my hero Tony...the Dice Man kept coming up.  ;)

The bad boy short...well, let's just say I was challenged by another writer for this one.

4. How does my writing process work?

I write when I can.  I'm a bad writer when it comes to scheduling my time.  I'm a stay at home mom so you would think that I would write all the time and be a best-selling author.  Well, I'm married, we have a very active third grade boy whose into scouts, basketball and baseball.  Plus, I have my review site that is very active.

When I came up with the ideas for my current WIP's, I always write my character descriptions first.  Then the settings, GMC, cars they drive, etc.  After that, I'm a totally pantser.  I sit down and write.  I don't self edit either.  I might write a couple of hundred words or I might write just a sentence.

My best friend, who is an author, challenges me every day to write something.  Anything and its working.  I don't use word counts or page counts to mark my progress.  I don't like being put under the microscope like that.  Plus, to me it's just bragging and I don't like bragging.  Every author writes differently and at their own pace.  Why should I measure myself against other people?  It used to depress me but not anymore.

For me it's not a race to see if I can write a book in a month, get it published and write the next one.  I have a life outside of the writing/blogging world and I will not apologize for it.  I love my life, even when its crazy and sometimes writing takes a back seat.  Do I wish that I could write every day?  You bet but I don't beat myself up anymore because I don't.  Too much stress and hey, when you have kids...that's enough stress for me.

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