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My thoughts on the publishing world #Samhain

Information on one of my WIPsAs most know, Samhain announced on Friday that they are closing their doors.  This will be a slow process for them and the authors affected.  I feel for them, I really do.  It's never easy to close a business and the publishing world, it's even tougher.

On one hand you have the unethical publisher and on the other you have two publishers, Samhain and Secret Cravings that closed/or closing before it gets to the point that they can't pay people and then the mud-slinging begins.

So why am I even talking about it because it scares me to know that there will be fewer and fewer options for me when I finish the books that I'm writing.  I don't have the money for indie publishing.  I need a publisher for editing and cover artwork.  I can market my book but getting it that point is expensive.  Cash that I don't have to spend on publishing a book by myself.

Speaking of indie publishing, that scares me too.  So many authors are indie publishing or becoming hybrid authors that the competition for the smaller presses is dwindling.  They are not getting the submissions that they need or worse yet, they are and the material is just not that good.  Plus, I've read some really bad indie books so it's just not the publishers that put out bad books.  Covers, blurbs and editing count for me.  I can look beyond misspelled words.  Everyone is human but when there is head hopping, a cover that is just like every other one and blurbs that are misleading...I won't read you again.

So now that I've rambled on about the publishing world for a bit, here is my last take.  Support you authors in any form that they write in.  It's a dog eat dog world in publishing.  We've all seen it, read about it and are saddened by it.

To my SCP and Samhain authors:  I love you and will continue to read your work no matter where you end up.  The publisher made the introduction, it is up to me to continue the relationship.

If you are interested in how I feel as a reviewer, here's the link to Harlie's Books.


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